Hey IITR junta! 👋 We are on a hunt for the most creative minds who can persevere through any problem and design effective solutions. Being a designer at SDSLabs means understanding real problems, creating solutions, and growing consciously, one step at a time.

The following Design submission consists of 2 sections A & B. It's mandatory to attempt both of them. Go through each section carefully and come up with the most effective and user-friendly solutions ✨

<aside> ⏲️ Deadline 24th March 2022, 11:59 PM 20th March 2022, 11:59 PM


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Section A (Attempt any one of these)

Section B (Attempt any one of these)

New to design? We got you covered! 😉

Get started with design instantly with these blogs/articles crafted specially for beginners ⬇

Reading resources

Wow, done already? ✨

Add your design submission to the link given below, and stay patient till we reach out to you 👋

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Note- You can also submit any prior design work/assignment done along with this submission.

<aside> ✌️ We encourage you to send us your submission even if you feel it's incomplete. Your efforts are extremely valuable to us!